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Distorting Shimla

Violating India’s law by 5 August precisely on UN resolutions on Kashmir, its rules and repeated commitments are unacceptable consequences for the elite – and unscripted but forged. While the threat to abolish Kashmir’s key role was evident in the People’s Party’s 2019 election announcement, after Donald Trump’s Mediation plan after bringing a new threat ….  Read More

KP, center at odds over hydel payment formula

PESHAWAR: A verbal war broke out between Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the federal government, where he was reluctant to agree to end the project’s profit-making (NHP) portion of the AGN Kazi route. Since the problem of the establishment of the NHP in the region is in line with the Labor theme for the past year, KP ….  Read More

Sacrificial cattle market becomes a theatre of haggling

Lahore: As the main and foreign market of Lahore (mandi) – Shahpur Kanjran – pre-Eidul Azha seems to have traditional animals, where you can see the prices of many traders and customers in conversation. “You know we’ve been in trouble because of the high cost of everything,” a customer told a cattle dealer in the ….  Read More

Maryam asks PM to reveal ‘deal’ with Trump

SARGODHA: PML-N’s Vice-President of PML-N Maryam Nawaz Sharif held a party for a Kotmomin employee, about 40 km from here, traveling to Sargodha on Tuesday night and was scheduled to meet at midnight. Speaking to the public, he also said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was hurt because of Kashmiri. He added that the people ….  Read More