Lodhi demands UNSC ask India to reverse destabilizing actions in IoK

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Pakistan’s ambassador to the UN, Dr. Maliha Lodi, spent a busy day on Tuesday informing the President of the Security Council, diplomats and UN officials about the serious situation in Kashmir occupied by India following the decision of India to repeal article 370 of its constitution.

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistani envoy approved a strict schedule to inform as many of his counterparts as possible of the violation of India of the resolutions of the UN Security Council on Kashmir, with the special status of the region that has generated a crisis Regional abolished.

Lodi met with the president of the UN Security Council, Joanna and Ronica, where he said that the Indian action was a “terrible attack on the dignity of cashmere.”

He called on the Security Council to demand that India stop and reverse its illegal and destabilizing actions; ensure full compliance with the resolutions of the UN Security Council; and refrain from any measure that is inconsistent with the settlement of the Kashmir dispute for decades.

“The Kashmir tragedy has become a complete circle,” the envoy from Pakistan told the president of the UN Security Council.

In 1947, he noted that India occupied Jammu and Kashmir for false reasons.

“The true intention of India to introduce these changes is to change the demographic structure of Jammu and Kashmir, which is occupied by India,” Ambassador Lodi, president of the UN Security Council, told Ronica.

These measures could materially violate the referendum arrangements under the auspices of the United Nations and constitute a flagrant violation of Security Council resolutions, particularly with regard to the realization of the right to self-determination of Kashmir.

Despite these Indian intrigues, the Pakistani ambassador explained that the relevant resolutions of the Council stipulate that “the final action of the State of Jammu and Kashmir will be in accordance with the will of the people expressed through the democratic way of holding a free referendum. and just under the auspices of the United Nations. “

Ambassador Lodhi said that unilateral action by India could not nullify this legal “truth” and, therefore, err and become invalid.

She said Pakistan strongly condemns this silly attempt by India to perpetuate its illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. “Kashmir’s brave struggle for self-determination cannot be crushed through parliamentary action.”

Pakistan’s envoy to the Korean president has said across the spectrum that the cashmere have flatly rejected the Indian measure.

She said that moderate voices within India had criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government for mortgaging Kashmir for her narrow political interests.

“India is very aware of the illegality of its actions,” he said, noting that the legislative “farce” in the Indian parliament was preceded by the deployment of an additional 38,000 troops in the occupied territories, a mass exodus of all foreigners. The curfew was imposed, the legitimate leadership of Kashmir was stopped and communications services were suspended.

PM forms a 7-member committee to recommend responses to developments in IoK

“These are not the actions of a state with legitimate claims about the territory, but usurped acts that seek to occupy its territory and subjugate its people under duress,” Lodi said.

In 2018, he said Indian forces committed more than 2,350 ceasefire violations, killing 36 civilians while countless others were injured, and noted that this dangerous trend continues without diminishing this year.

Ambassador Lodi stressed that “as the main body responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security, the Security Council must immediately recognize the situation.” “After all, it is not only the threat to regional peace, but also the credibility and position of the Council to defend its legally binding decisions.”

According to sources, the president of the UN Security Council listened to the Pakistani envoy and said he was following events in Kashmir closely.

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