Du Plessis confirmed as South Africa Test captain

Cricket South Africa (CSA) Cricket’s new acting director, Corey Van Gille, said Tuesday that Fuff Dupresis will captain South Africa in the October test against India, but he can’t lead the team in all forms It was. There is.

Van Jill, who was appointed weekend by Otis Gibson head coach and his coaching staff, said he would spend a day and a half on the future schedule. Preside over the elective meeting, including the 2023 World Cup plan.

Vigil said, “Fuff will be the captain of the test team.

“But we need to be proactive and will talk about the white ball strategy by 2023.”

South Africa will play three T20 matches in India prior to the test series. This is the first match in the new World Test Championship starting on October 2nd.

At a press conference on Tuesday, CSAB CEO Thabang Mauro said he plans to launch a new structure for the national team prior to the South African tour in December.

On Sunday, CSA said a football-style team manager was appointed and would take over all aspects of the national team, including the appointment of the coaching staff, captains or captains and medical and administrative staff. is

Mauro also suggested that the policy be given from the top.

Moro said the goal of the six black players in the ethnic “representative goal” (Quetta) would maintain the average and see how to play more aggressively with the “add it” team. Take account risks and support yourself. One team during the season.

Player differences
Moro also confirmed the escalating dispute with SA Cricketers’ Association (SACA) and said he wanted direct contact between the CSA and the national team, effectively ignoring SACA. There is.

“There is no slight connection between the player and the organization (CSA),” he said.

“I want to streamline the system so that decisions can be made almost instantaneously.”

SCA CEO Tony is on the Irish record. The relationship between CSA and the athlete’s body was the lowest ever.

As a result, SACA initiated a High Court petition requesting a review of CSA’s domestic cricket reorganization decision, which was made without consultation with SACA.

Mauro acknowledged that there is a difference between CSA and SACA, but said there was no error and SACA would be invited to meet with the governing body soon.

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