China vows to counter US deployment of mid-range weapons in Asia

Beijing: China said on Tuesday that it was “not just a move.” If the United States undertakes the transport of medium-sized skeletons across the Asia-Pacific region, this will work in Washington’s favor that it plans to complete in a few months.

Fu Cong, head of the US military affairs department at the US Department of Foreign Affairs, made the statement after leaving the “Medium-Nuclear Power Agreement” last week, saying the move would have a “direct impact” on global stability. As a defense in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Fu Ying said China was interested in the words of a US official and announced the production and testing of missile launches between Asia and the Pacific.

“If the United States does drop missiles on the ground, China will not act in vain and be forced to take demonstrations,” Fu told reporters briefly.

The issue is ongoing in BC

He said other countries, particularly South Korea, Japan and Australia, have “taken reasonable steps” to have the United States supply such weapons to its territory, saying it “does not meet the security requirements of these countries.”

Fu Ying also said that China had no plans to join the nuclear disarmament deal with the United States and Russia, and that there was a significant difference between the size of the Chinese and other nuclear weapons. According to a study from the American Federation of Scientists, China estimates 290 nuclear missiles, compared with 1,600 in Russia and 1,750 in the United States.

A US passenger plunges into opposing waters

A US airliner jumped into the South China Sea recently for a US military strike recently on Tuesday in a new appearance involving China and three alleged fraudsters.

US naval forces boarded a small group of Philippine spies, led by journalists to Ronald Reagan, as they watched the onlookers coming with thunder. A nuclear-powered aircraft carrier carrying 70 F / A-18 jets, spy aircraft and helicopters is heading to Manila to visit ports. The boatman is only a few miles away from the aircraft carrier.

“The purpose of this flight is to achieve peace through technology,” Rear Karl Thomas told reporters.

He added that the presence of US troops would help provide security and stability and would encourage dialogue among those who claim it. When asked about the new conflicts in the territory of China and its competitors in Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, the military sent the information and responded. “We think people will comply with international law, and our presence allows us to be safe and secure in this debate,” Thomas said.

For decades, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei have been in conflicts and maritime centers that are the gateway to Asia and the rest of the world. After China turned seven inner Nansha shrubs into islands and installed protective equipment, roads and barricades, tensions mounted.

Last month, Washington cited China’s concern for “a recurring deficit that is opposed to foreign oil and gas.” Vietnam has asked China to take a research vessel to the Vanguard Bank, which claims to be within Vietnam’s only economy at 200 feet.

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