‘Tussle’ between Sindh govt, KMC over encroachments’ removal angers SC

Karachi: On Tuesday, the High Court upheld the deep dissatisfaction and disagreement between Sindh and the city government to abide by its earlier orders to relinquish the position.

The court ordered the state treasurer to submit an August 9 legal report.

Three SC judges, led by Judge Gulzar Ahmed and made up of Judge Faisal Arab and Judge Sajjad Ali Shah, heard a number of articles from the Kalachi Registry of the Supreme Court to request changes in the demolition of the park and the promotion of work and commerce and housing. Land reform. On May 9, the bench called on the Sindh government to take action to change the situation in Karachi and called on the Chief of Sindh to work with all government agencies and the mayor of Karachi to resolve conflicts, dirty water problems, illegal and illegal construction. On Tuesday, Sindh Chief Justice Salman Talibuddin gave a meeting with all concerned in the courts, but the minutes of the meeting were not disclosed. He spent more time downloading meeting minutes.

The working group said the guidelines were issued about three months ago, but other agencies have not.

When Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar told the bench that he had not been invited to the meeting, the bench expressed dissatisfaction. Judge Ahmed found that the clashes and differences between the central and state governments had made the city powerless.

When the court asked the secretary-general, someone told him to leave the country to make the trip.

At one point, Judge Ahmed said the court had informed the Secretary General and the Chief Minister that he was not abiding by the order.

He also noticed that heavy rainwater had not been evacuated and it is expected that there will be more rain in the next few days.

He also said the officials involved were busy taking pictures and saw them at the hotel during the rainy season. He also said that because of the failure of local governments and towns to save, local authorities have announced the work of cleaning the city.
An Arab judge asked K-Electric what he had done to the death of 20 people who died in a recent rainstorm.

Judge Ahmed said no one is planning to take the KE and add that if the electricity is used, then there are no alternatives, which is a failure for the proper authorities.

Judge Ahmed was satisfied with the lack of interest in the electrical work and the improvement of the copper and aluminum cables.

He also expressed dissatisfaction with security measures in major cities.
The official asked the sailors to submit a complete report on the operation of the Karachi train / local train and other train offices on August 9.

In a final hearing, the court ordered the railway minister to remove all railway lines within two weeks, after which the Sindh government seized the KCR and made it a month later.

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