Choked drains cast doubts over govt’s rain emergency measures in Karachi

Karachi: Although Shun Tak and the government have also said that they have acted decisively to deal with storms and the destruction of cities, many hurricanes in the city have lost the abandoned wells, appearing on Tuesday.

This season’s new reality show is set to begin on April 9 and also cause panic among Karachi residents, who have seen unstable urban segments and citizens fall during the first rains last week.

Sources from the Karachi Metropolitan Company (KMC) and city officials have found that the city is receiving a lot of waste due to the upcoming Eidul Azha, and this is likely to be even bigger.

The Meteorological Bureau begins to predict rainfall and flooding in towns starting Friday

They said that in the wake of heavy rainfall, debris has caused much damage to the city, as rain pools and toilets can be seen in other parts of the city, especially in low-lying areas.

The issue is ongoing in BC

According to the forecast, in the recent rainfall, torrential rains flooded nearly all 38 rivers and more than 300 smaller streams, causing the channel to become paralyzed. The system is required to remove water from the streets and sidewalks.

SSWMB condemns the spill

Mayor Wasim Akhtar blamed the Shunde Solid Waste Management Committee (SSWMB) for the openings of toilets and dumps because he could not properly manage the waste disposal system, which had been dumped into stormwater drains and toilets.

He also said the SSWMB would not be able to ensure that the waste being removed and the regular disposal of waste into storm drains and open channels were worse.

The mayor said, unfortunately, due to the lack of proper sanitation in the SSWMB, only about 30% of the daily waste is released to landfills, and the remainder of the waste was deposited in storm sewers.

He also said the storm was repairing or cleaning up the city government was full of garbage because the litter was continuing.

The mayor said all Karachi water was used as a toilet and could not produce rain water.

Although I tried several times, I could not connect with the SSWMB general manager A.D. How we are. He did not respond directly to the questions asked through the media director.

In 2014, the Sindh Provincial Assembly passed the Shun Tak Solid Waste Management Committee Act, and municipal waste management was released by the KMC government.

The SSWMB participated in the garbage collection, carried it to digging and cleaning the streets, and bringing together two Chinese companies for seven years in four counties in Karachi.

The pick-up and disposal of waste in Central and Korangi areas are being carried out by the district administration companies.

SSWMB officials say about 70 barricades were dumped in two dustbins in Karachi while about 15,000 tons of waste were dumped daily, and the rest was piled around the city.

They said much of the garbage can be seen in hiding places, arenas, open spaces, roads, parks and places.

Chinese companies are not doing enough

Insiders within SSWMB told Dawn that Chinese companies did not comply with the provisions of the agreement because they failed to bring the necessary machinery and equipment for waste management.

They say door-to-door collected at the end of solid waste is the first joint venture project with Chinese companies that have not completed the entire project.

According to industry insiders, contracting companies have to do more work to remove trash from people’s homes, destroy highways, sidewalks, freeways, open lanes and open spaces, and bring trash to land. Visit the Jam Chakro slopes, 30 to 35 kilometers from the center of the city.

According to sources, machinery, vehicles, equipment, containers and buckets are significantly less than contracted by experts.

They said in the past KMC picked up waste through workers and machinery and disposed of it to dispose of waste.

According to sources, KMC had also offered the option of collecting waste and contracting for local contractors before assigning the SSWMB.

They said KMC used to pay taxpayers from 500 to Rs 700 for picking up trash from houses. SSWMB pays Chinese companies $ 28 per coupon. The price also includes a $ 11 sweep.

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