Judge irked by the absence of witnesses in Naqeeb murder case

Karachi: On Tuesday, a terrorist court ordered investigators on August 19 to instruct investigators to record their evidence in the alleged murder of Naqeebullah Mehsud and three others. Events.

At the time, SSP Malir Rao Anwar, then DSP Qamar Ahmed Shaikh and about 25 others of his activists were charged with robbery for the rescue of Naseebullah Mehsud, a prominent Naqeebullah, and three others, and for allegedly having ties with the army. i-Jhangvi clothing that was banned in January 2018.

The killing of one of Vazirstan’s most ambitious men, Naqeebullah and others in Shah Latif, has sparked a wave of protests for those in the world and for those who have been deprived of human rights.

On Tuesday, an ATC-III judge will record the testimony of the prosecutor, including the complainant. However, the witness failed to appear in court. Propaganda Salahuddin Pakhwal told the father of the deceased Naqeebullah, Mohammad Khan’s complainant, who did not cite his writings before appearing in court since his illness.

The judge told the investigator, Dr. SSP Rizwan Ahmed, to ensure that the complainant and other Witnesses came to court the following day to record their testimony and settle the matter by August 19.

The judge also directed the state’s prosecutor and the plaintiff’s lawyer, Salahuddin Panhwar, to file a bail petition filed by two former police officers, aide to visit Ali Akbar and Reyes police, the following day. Controversy.

Khan Mohammad is in terms of section 365-A (Knockout to release), 342 (penalty for unauthorized detention), 344 (10 days or more unauthorized detention), 302 (execution order) to SSP Rao Anwar and the Defendant filed the charges, 201 (causing the criminal evidence to be extinguished, or giving false information to the person removed from the screen), 202 (inadvertently discrediting the crime information provided by the person making the mark), 114 (promoter during crime) and 34 (common purpose) Section 7 (Criminal Act) of 1997 Anti -Terrorism Act in Pakistan Criminal Code.

The former IO also filed a second lawsuit against Rao Anwar and others for fraudulently stealing insane weapons, weapons and explosives in accordance with other legal aspects.

Bread making bread

The Consumer Court on Tuesday ordered the Director of Health to seal the bakery out of registering its business in accordance with the court’s instructions.

Javed Ali Korejo, a judge in the Consumer Protection Court (East), sentenced Shaikh Junaid Iqbal, owner of the bakery, to one year in jail and a fine of 100,000 rupees.

On May 31, the court ordered the landlord to pay 50,000 rupees within 30 days to continue his business without registering with the Sindh Food Authority. The owner was told to register his business with the authorities.

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