The UK asks India and Pakistan to ‘remain calm’

London: The British government violates the United Nations resolution, and India and Pakistan will maintain “wariness” after tensions rise in response to the decision of the Indian government to ban Article 370 of the occupied Kashmir Constitution. To request. what

Speaking to Geo News, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FCO) said the UK is evaluating the situation.

“We want to closely track development and help support things.”

Over the past 48 hours, British government officials have spoken with Indian and Pakistani government officials several times. The spokesman did not answer any further questions but confirmed that the UK had “close contact” with both governments.

Statements from the British government came after Monday protests in several cities. During the two weeks, a number of demonstrations and events were planned for the large Kashmir community to express anger towards Indian operations. The feelings of anger were so widespread that a large protest took place outside the Indian High Commission in London on Monday night, and the majority of Indian civil society attended.

Dozens of British lawmakers have shocked India’s activities, calling on the British government to pay attention to the situation and demand influence over India.

In a letter to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Organized against the Indian Constitution

There are many reports that it is mainstream. Political leaders were detained, school closures, telephone and internet services were abolished, and patriotism was banned.

“It was reported that two civilians, including four normal children, died and more than 12 were injured, mainly as a result of the use of cluster ammunition.

A parliamentarian told the prime minister that there is no doubt that Kashmir has devastated the region since the separation of India and Pakistan in 1947.

Parliamentarians urged Boris Johnson to accuse India’s move to abolish Article 370 and consider the wider context of this move, led by Prime Minister Modi, a Hindu nationalist right-wing politician. Please.

“This is a movement that is changing India in the worst case and sees Muslims as second-class citizens,” the BBC reports. “Some people have been released in the name of Hindu nationalism. Their recent re-election has given Worst voting rights mainly to nationalists’ nationalism and Hindu fascism, these are reactive elements that work in India. ”Strengthen them, push them further, Islam Causes more violence against the Christians. The exclusion of Kashmir only intensifies the growing awareness that Modi is a second-class Muslim in India, and more worrisome is that the cancellation of Article 0 the0 has brought a lot about “land seizure”. There are all concerns that the government plans to build a special Hindu settlement in this area, which will lead to deliberate changes in the population from most of the area.

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