PM constitutes 7-member committee to recommend responses to developments in IoK

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday formed a seven-member committee that recommended legal, political and diplomatic responses to the development of Kashmir under the occupation of India.

Read the news that Geo News is available as follows: “The Prime Minister is pleased to form an immediate seven-member team that presents recommendations on legal/political/ diplomatic responses. The latest development in India has occupied Kashmir.”

foreign Secretary Sohail Mahmoud, Special Envoy of Prime Minister Ahmed Bilal Sufi, and Director-General. Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), military operations, and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

BJP’s “Racist Ideology”
Prime Minister Imran Khan attended a joint parliamentary meeting a day ago and called on the international community to act against the biased politics of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

“They (BJP) have a racist ideology. In Kashmir, they acted against the Constitution, Supreme Court decisions, and UN resolutions.”

The Prime Minister has informed Congress that the abolition of Article 370 is part of the BJP declaration and that its ancestors belong to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). He stressed that after the illegal acts in India, the Kashmir struggle will intensify.
BJP does not treat Casimiris equally. They will try to crush them and it will cause a possible reaction like a plasma.
The prime minister feared that ethnic cleansing would take place in Kashmir. “I continued to tell [BJP] that after the Paloma, the two nuclear-armed neighbors cannot take such risks and should solve the problem through dialogue.”

In light of another situation like Paloma, Prime Minister Imran Khan warned about the traditional war between Pakistan and India, which could exacerbate the situation in Kashmir. “That is a war that no one can win and the impact will be global,” he said.

Park ’s “goes to some extent to fulfill that responsibility”

Park will go as much as possible to fulfill its responsibilities for the Kashmir struggle: COS

In addition, General Army Chief of Staff (COS) General Kamal Javed Bajwa confirmed Park ’s support for Casimiris in a struggle for independence, and the country “had its responsibility in this respect,” according to a statement. Said. “To some extent” ready. From the Army Media Wing

According to ISPR, General Baziwa today chaired the Legion Commander Meeting at Headquarters (GHQ) to discuss the single point agenda for the IOK situation.

“The Forum fully supported the government’s refusal to India’s actions against Kashmir.

An ISPR statement states that “Pakistan has never recognized a shameful attempt to legalize the occupation of jam and Kashmir.”

He said Park was standing firm until the end of the struggle with Kashmiris. ISPR said General Bajwa “I am ready to fulfill my responsibilities in this regard and will work in all areas”.

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