PM Imran summons another NSC session on Wednesday

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan called another meeting of the National Security Committee on Wednesday, within a week of the Indian Movement to abolish the special status of occupied Kashmir.

At yesterday’s meeting, senior Indian civilian and military commanders will consider a counter-strategy after Article 370 of the Indian government is repealed.

In Sunday’s meeting, Prime Minister Imran said that Pakistan would respond effectively to any aggression or aggression of India with the support of its people.

During the NSC meeting, an information session on the IOK situation was given, in which the chairman of the Joint Committee of Chiefs of Staff (JCSC), the heads of the three armed forces, intelligence officers, the federal defense minister Participated, Intelligence between Foreign and Internal Affairs, and Services (ISPR) General Director of Public Relations and Services (ISI).

Prime Minister Imran called for a meeting of the NSC to discuss national security issues following a cluster bombing by India against civilians in the Neelam Valley.

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