Angelina Jolie thinks the world needs more wicked women

Does Angelina Jolie want Mifesecent to become our next model? Think.

The actress wrote an article for Elle magazine, which states that transgender and transgender women have suffered over time.

Julie says, “In my career, I often go to countries where I know that if I am a citizen, my beliefs and work as a woman can put me in jail or risk me. Can do.

“To see the whole world, we have to ask why is so much energy being used to make women a safer place?”

“If that’s bad, then the world needs more bad women.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Julie has appeared in a number of roles with which female fans are concerned. From Jane Smith to Maleficent, she has been featured in numerous feminine and empowered performances.

Jolie recalled her humanitarian work in places like Pakistan and Syria, writing, “I think of the man I first met at an Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan during the Taliban regime. He was beaten – his daughters in school that his eyes were yellow because of a liver defect.

The story of Julie gives us some ideas about the difficulties women face in the world, especially in developed countries like Pakistan. Can we explain? much more

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