Unprecedented horror in Kashmir: politician, former IAS officer Shah Faesal

The People’s Movement President of Jammu and Kashmir, Shah Fissa, described the incident in Kashmir on Tuesday as “unprecedented” after New Delhi repealed Article 370 and brought special respect to the region.

“The most unprecedented terrorist attacks in Kashmir,” the Indian intelligence officer Faisal said in a tweet.

“Everyone is a broken heart. Every face has a failure. Autobiography. From citizenship to the news. History has changed so much for us. People are tired.

Faisal’s comments came after he regretted leaving New Delhi to relinquish his special status in Kashmir.

According to reports, at least six people were injured in protests that erupted after the local government was replaced.

Prior to the announcement of the Hindu state government of Narendra Modi on Monday, after the Indian authorities banned telephones and internet services, Kashmir and the rest of the country were cut off. Social networking is prohibited.

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