A sinister move

The split from NARENDRA Modi and the partition of India-dominated Kashmir are not only destructive in the region, but also create problems for India itself. In restoring special status to the disputed territory, India has removed a small barrier that is tied up. In the process, he joined the Kashmiris in unexpected ways to protest the theft.

India’s conflict will also pose a serious threat to the region, and the threat of conflict will be a spread fire. India has expanded the Kashmir dispute by removing the so-called opportunity book. Now they are back before 1948. Time and environment dictate what India is doing.

Modi has sought to challenge Article 370 of the Constitution of India, which gives independence to Kashmir. However, after regaining his power and responsibility, the urgency and approach of the Prime Minister of India showed his arrogance and excess. The opposition party in India called it the worst part of democracy in India and doubted that it had been done under the president’s command.

In the last few days, India sent thousands of people who lived in the region to put down large-scale protests. Kashmir has always been in a secret place at home. Even the Kashmiri leaders who stood by India were arrested. The statement by Mehbooba Mufti expresses all the anger at Modi’s bad design in Kashmir.

This is very difficult. India’s promotion will have a global impact.

Now, it has become increasingly difficult for India to manage its violent neighborhoods. The Kashmiri people are armed and have been fighting for decades. The deployment of a large army cannot overcome the resistance. The already controversial part is one of the most war-torn parts of the world.

Trying to turn Kashmir into a Palestinian one is not possible. The recent action of India has spurred the struggle for independence led by the young Kashmiri generation who grew up in a state of violence. The treatment of the Indian army and the violation of human rights of the latter did not end the Kashmiri war. The situation in the disputed territories is worse than in the past, and it may explode after recent events in India.

Notably, recent development is directly related to the relationship between New Delhi and Islamabad. Changes in Kashmir have brought Islamabad into crisis. According to reports, the casting of a controlling cable in India has been lifted, and a bomb that is being launched for lunch is said to increase casualties.

The Modi government has the opportunity to call on the people to destroy what is happening in Locke to divert the attention of the international community to the deterioration of Kashmir. Just as the military launched by the Indian invasion in February has resumed, the war cloud has returned. This is very difficult. India’s promotion will have a global impact.

Despite concerns about escalating tensions between the two nuclear-armed nations, India’s response to Kashmir has diminished. Before discussing the issue, the Government of the People’s Party seems to have done this.

The so-called anti-terrorism that keeps Western aircraft at bay against Barakot and the Indians, including the United States, seems to urge the Indian government to help spread Kashmir’s history. Other reports quoted the Indian media as saying that the Modi government had warned Washington’s plans several months ago.

According to reports, in February this year, India’s security adviser Ajit Doval phoned his American counterpart John Bolton and told him that the Modi government had banned Kashmir-led special projects in India. Just a few weeks ago, India’s Foreign Minister, Jan Hanka, also spoke to US Secretary of State Mike Pompey on the issue.

Although US officials have refused to share such information with the Trump administration, the Indian statement raised some important questions. It started to get really interesting when we recalled that President Trump had considered Kashmir’s talks during his talks with Imran Khan last month.

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